Legian Beach Festival 2014


There will be so much happening at Legian Beach Festival 2014!

Thursday, 28 – Sunday, 31 August.

In its 8th year, the Legian Beach Festival is all geared to give visitors yet another fantastic event. This year it will again be held along the paved beach-front walkway between Jalan Padma and Jalan Melasti, Legian. The dates for your attendance are Thursday, 28th to Sunday 31st August.

The Festival will be open daily from 9am – 10pm and will offer visitors, children and adults alike, all sorts of things to see and do:

Bazaar with stalls selling carvings, paintings, jewellery, clothing, bags.

Food Festival area with a wide variety of food to suit all palates.

Activities for children including:

Dancing Competition (Thursday, 2 pm)

Singing Competition (Friday, 2 pm)

Colouring Competition (Friday, 3 pm)

Newcomers Fashion Show (Saturday, 11 am

Photogenic Competition (Saturday 2 pm)

Little Miss LBF 2014 (Saturday)

The first ever Joged Bumbung Competition to be held at the Festival

Selection of Miss LBF 2014

Painting Competition for aspiring young adult artists

The first ever Legian Beach Festival Wood Ball Championship

Free surfing lessons by Up2U Surf School

Fun Bike Ride sponsored by Polygon with free prize draw

Surfing Competition

Live bands every evening

Performances of traditional entertainment from different regions of Indonesia and many other exciting activities and opportunities for prizes.

The acceptance of the Festival in its first year was beyond the organisers’ expectations and has provided the basis for a bigger and better festival every year since. This year promises to be a truly wonderful event for everyone. Come and join the fun!

For more information, contact:

Nyoman Sarjana, LBF Chairman, mobile: +62-811-386-589

email: legian_beach_festival@yahoo.com

Head Office: Jl Sri Rama 99, Legian, Kuta, Badung, Bali


“I’m just thinking of the future of Bali. Every year we have more than 25,000 students from the university. They will graduate, they will need jobs and where are they going to do that?” claims I Made Mangku Pastika, on the latest Dateline short documentary, aptly titled ‘The Battle for Bali’. This immensely popular tropical island where I have lived almost all my life is, indeed, a battlefield.

You won’t see that battle when you come here, when you stay at a luxurious villa in Seminyak and watch the sunset from a swanky beach club that populate the southern tip of the island. You won’t be experiencing the shortage of water in your five-star hotel in Nusa Dua, a daily occurence in our local houses. You will also not be experiencing the dread, the frustration that we feel at the moment of losing another piece of our home to that potent, main source of income to the Balinese: tourism.

Benoa Bay, a mangrove conservation area next to the Ngurah Rai International Airport, is under a serious threat. With the blessing of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the local government, the conservation status has been changed by a Presidential Regulation No. 51/2014. The new regulation allows the area to be “developed” and therefore, permitted the reclamation to happen. The investor, PT Tirta Wahana Bali International (TWBI), aims to reclaim 838 hectares of the area, which will convert 75% of the area into land and therefore increase the sea level by 1.6 meters. If this happens, 7.9 million cubic meters of water will be inundating the low-lying areas nearby, recreating the failed Jakarta’s Muara Angke project in Bali.

As if we need another hotel! We already have 80,000 hotel rooms and countless private villas. To top it off, 67 new hotels will be built until 2016. Hey mate, Welcome to Bali, Island of More Than A Thousand Hotels. And don’t get me started on the damaging marine ecosystem impact in the surrounding area including damaged the coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds. We can all say goodbye to diving, snorkeling or sea walking in Bali. Getting tanned on the shore of Tanjung Benoa or Sanur also could be the thing of a past, since those are the two low-lying areas that will immediately be affected.

The ignorants might be happy to one day arrive in Bali, hop on a taxi and five minutes later arrive at a floating villa on the Benoa Bay. There would be a golf course, a Disneyesque amusement park and car racing circuit. They would be pampered, cajoled and entertained by a string of those “25,000 students” that our governor mentioned in his limited capacity, at the cost of drowned houses, destroyed marine environment and countless people losing their livelihood from the ocean.

I don’t blame the government or the investors or even those red-faced Bintang T-shirt-wearing tourists. I blame us, the Balinese, for letting this happen. For selling our lands, for getting the easy way out of poverty, for thinking that tourism is the only job that we can do. We sold our ricefields and buy our rice from another island, then we complain that the government is destroying Bali by building more hotels. We continue to be silent, to passively withstand the inflation, the lack of water, the traffic or even the rising fruit prices in the market.

“We have to develop, right? We cannot not develop. So if some people don’t want Bali to develop, should we still stay as we are? Should we continue to be backward? Should we continue to be poor?” said a representative of PT TWBI. Is he correct? Are we backward, are we poor? By which standard, are we poor and backward?

You see, because I know I am not. I also know that all those students, artists, community members and activists from the Balinese Forum Against Reclamation (ForBALI) who are persistently screaming for their voices to be heard, are not backward and poor. We simply love this island. This is our home. This is all that we have, and if we don’t fight for our home, then who will?

This is an issue as old as time. Government backs the investors. Investors are against people. I have a bad feeling in my stomach, that if this fight is just being fought by us alone, there might be a chance that we will lose. You see, we don’t have a good track record of victorious battle against investors. If you have ever felt touched by Bali, if you have had a spiritual journey or met your loved one or even live here now, please show your support. If you love Bali as much as you like to check-in, eat babi guling, surf in Padang-Padang, have a family holiday, or just come here and enjoy the scenery; please spread the word. Please read and investigate. Please make this case viral.

This time, Bali needs you.

Written by: Eve Tedja
From ForBali

Culinary Attractions That Must Be Visited in Bali

Bali has many interesting sights to visit. Each region has a typical Bali each attraction. As in southern Bali, the area can be said to be the most crowded than other regions, in addition to close to the seat of government here too there Panai most famous beaches in Bali such as Kuta beach, Nusa Dua and others. In contrast to the region east of Bali, which is thick with ancient customs. So many attractions here as a heritage of the past and used the former royal temple of ancient hindu.

But there is one very important thing when my friend vacation to Bali, which is eating. Do not let your vacation to Bali yet to forget to eat. For those of you who want to find a good place to eat in Bali, but there may be trouble. Here are some places or restaurant in Bali with good taste and an affordable price matching and must be tested for culinary lovers.

1.Mix Rice Wardhani ( Warung Wardhani )
img_3263 1744228620X310
Warndhani mixed rice is a typical Balinese mixed rice which is located at Jalan Denpasar Yudhishthira No. 2 and has a branch in Jalan Merdeka No. 17 Renon Denpasar. This Mix Rice Wardhani is located on a side street in Denpasar and can say the place is not too big, this shop is open from 08:00 am to 16:00 pm. Visitors rice shop is not only dominated the local tourists but also international tourists. Many choices in mixed rice dishes Ward which are characteristic of mixed rice is delicious nan Ward. There satay beef that is tender and savory, there are typical Balinese shredded chicken, shrimp fried crispy flour, egg, peanut delicious vegetables and many other menu, do not miss the typical sauce mixed rice Ward.

For the full info is below this

Mix rice Wardhani1
Jln. Yudhishthira No. 7 Denpasar, Bali
Telephone 0361 224398

Mix rice Wardhani 2
Jln. Merdeka No. 17 Renon Denpasar, Bali
Telephone 0361 254393

Open 8:00 am to 16:00 pm

Price Rp. 30,000

2. Mix Rice Pojok I ( Warung Pojok I )
warung pojok5Although I named Warung Pojok, but stalls are located on Jl. Kartini No. 22 is not located at the corner (pojok) or down the road. Rather neatly lined up side by side with shop houses around it. Simple stall, only able to accommodate about 25 diners with a fairly narrow parking space. In addition to not having land / yard large enough, this shop is also located right on the edge of the highway. The buyers who come are usually bought to take home or messages in considerable amounts. Warung Pojok I started to serve the buyers from 7 am to 8 pm every day.warung pojok1
The most popular food stalls there are mixed rice (chicken + beef), a plate of white rice contains rice mixed with vegetable soup (without sauce), shredded chicken, fried crispy chicken skin, beef satay is tender and slightly sweet, fried lungs, typical Balinese vegetables, shredded jerked and chilli. shredded jerked savory and quite soft, it feels more like shredded. For those of you who like chili would definitely like to enjoy the rice mix in this Warung Pojok, because the taste of chili that is served here is very spicy and tasty. Besides rice mix, this shop also offers chicken rice and some side dishes were quite diverse. There sisit cows, shredded chicken, egg, fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried tempeh chili, vegetable soup, vegetable stir-fry, broil ulit, satay skewers, noodles, curry chicken and also shredded coconut.
While there are a variety of juices to drink, such as juice avocado, tomato, papaya, mango, melon, durian and drink stalls style in general. Besides it tastes good, the price offered is also quite affordable. However, for a set price here is quite unique, if for women priced at Rp. 13,000 portion, whereas for men USD. 15,000 for each portion. Until now, the Corner Shop can also be found branches in Jl. Setiabudi from 7 am to 8 pm, with the name Corner Shop II. And Jl. A. Yani under the name Corner Shop III, from 7 am to 4 pm each day.

For the full info is below this

Warung Pojok I
Jln.Kartini No. 22, Denpasar, Bali
Telephone 0361 2727833,087 860 500 033

Open at 07.00 am to 20.00 pm

Price Rp. 15.000

3. Suckling Pig Candra ( Babi Guling Candra )
Bali is known as the paradise of suckling pig and chicken betutu, both in the city center and far-reaching of the city. As stalls Suckling Pig Candra is in Denpasar City Centre, this stall is one seller who is quite famous suckling pig in Bali. Its located on Jl. Teuku Umar 140, right in downtown Denpasar, not far from the intersection of 6 and is adjacent to the Workshop Yamaha. From the outside the stall is not too large, some plants adorn the front of the shop and a few counter seats there too. However, after entering into it, the room is quite large and comfortable with Balinese interior is quite pronounced.filename-img-4237-jpg
As its name printed on the board, the menu mainstay is definitely rice suckling pig. There are several choices, such as special suckling pig, suckling pig and suckling pig fry usual. For special serving of rice suckling pig, consisting of a plate of white rice, a bowl of soup and a plate full of processed pig. There is a sweet pork satay, pork disuwir, lung, intestine, skin crackers, pork rinds are sharps sharps and vegetables cooked with herbs of Bali. If it’s flavor does not need to be asked again, but be careful with sauces, because the spicy enough to make us able to add another drink. Moreover, there are also available betutu chicken, skin, satay wrap, uritan / sausage, tum, spiced pig, gravy kikil, lawar and many others. As for the drink, there are a variety of juices, ice and soft drinks.
For the price is also quite affordable, with USD 30,000 can enjoy a serving of rice with special suckling pig lauknya considerable portion (may be for 2 people). Usually this shop started serving visitors every day from 5 am to 10 pm every day. In addition, this shop also provide some snacks, such as milk pie, pig crackers, chips and herbal drinks.

For the full info is below this

Babi Guling Candra
Jln. Teuku Umar 140, Denpasar, Bali
Telephone 0361 221278, 9940098, 225559
Open at 05.00 am to 22.00 pm

Price Rp. 30.000

4. Chicken Rice Betutu Bu Kadek Wati ( Ayam Betutu Bu Kadek Wati )
nasi ayam betutu bu kadek wati5
Betutu chicken menu is a menu that must currently a culinary tour of the island of Bali. Many sellers are scattered betutu chicken rice in Bali, but not all it seems suitable and fit with our tongues. There is a very strong rempahnya seasoning, too light and just right when eaten. One of the chicken rice stall betutu are worth checking out is the food stall owned by Mrs Wati Kadek located on Jl. Central Gatot Subroto No. 59 D, Denpasar, Bali.
Chicken rice stall betutu bu Kadek this Wati tricky to find, because it is located in shophouses line, not too big and no signage as a pointer. But not to worry, to look for you stay looking signpost sticking with Peanut Rahayu. Because this shop is located right beside the famous Peanuts Rahayu enough when it is located on Jl. Central Gatsu. Stall is very simple, but it is always crowded visitors began to stall opens around 8 am to 3 pm each day. Except Sundays and national holidays and days off for Bali. But not infrequently, around 1 already closed because the merchandise has been sold out selling well.nasi ayam betutu bu kadek wati2
Just like food stalls in general, when we went straight to the seller to order. But make no mistake where ya? Because in this shop there are two places to order chicken rice betutu. If you want to eat in place, we are the same messages that mothers serving in the shop. But if you want to buy to take home, our message is the same mother that there beside the entrance. It is applied in the shop so that customers Kadek bu not too long queue until they are ready to order, because often many visitors are wrapped chicken rice betutu to tens wrap.
Chicken rice betutu presented here contains servings of white rice with side dishes not too much but enough. There ointment Balinese vegetables, betutu chicken, egg, fried peanuts, cucumber and sambal matah very tasty arranged neatly on top of the rice. Definite flavor blend between chicken betutu, vegetables, and sauce matah his ajiiib really. Only with silver 8ribu we can enjoy the chicken rice is very yummy betutu this, recommended to try right ??

For the full info is below this

Ayam Betutu Bu Kadek Wati
Jln. Gatot Subroto Tengah No. 59 D, Denpasar Bali

Open at 08.00 am to 15.00 pm

Price Rp. 8.000

5. Chicken Rice Pidada ( Nasi Ayam Pidada )

Good place to eat is always looking for any place where it is located, as well as chicken rice mix inside Pidada Market. When I first came to this place, it is unlikely that there are still merchants hawking wares. From the outside it looks deserted market, because the market operates only during the day. On the right hand side of the market only looks rather dark parking lot with a parking attendant who is still awake there, keeping some of the vehicles were parked. Upon entry into the market through the right side, there is a new visible group of people who are enjoying chicken rice mix. Although in the market, the place is quite comfortable because of the market it quiet so we could eat a meal in peace.nasi2
Actually, this eating place called “Chicken Rice Pidada” but better known as chicken mixed rice, since the rice was given to a variety of processed chicken dishes, vegetable ointment, fried noodles and a bit of chili and a glass of tea or ginger. Balinese mixed rice is usually very thick with various spices rempahnya strong, but this place is rather mild marinade and fit when the tongue. Chicken Rice Pidada already quite well known among the local population of Bali, yet only a few tourists who know being in the market and its place is a little hard to find. We can enjoy this Chicken Rice Pidada only at night, starting at 7 pm until exhausted or around 10 pm every day.

For the full info is below this

Nasi Ayam Pidada
Jln. Pidada IX, Ubung (Pintu Timur Pasar Pidada), Denpasar Bali
Telephone 0361 412582, 081337332104
Open at 19.00 pm to 22.00 pm

Price Rp. 10.000

6. Chicken rice Mix Tunjung Ibu Tompel ( Warung Nasi Ayam Tunjung Ibu Tompel )

If you live or are located in areas Gatsu and confused looking for food, you can visit Chicken Rice Mix Tunjung Ibu Tompel. This diner is located near Puri Bunda hospital who are on the road Gatsu, precisely the opposite but not right in front. Its location is not on the main road Gatsu, but you’ll have no trouble finding this place if sticking with Puri Bunda hospital.
Alas this shop special offers Balinese chicken rice mix. In a mixed rice dish containing rice blended with Balinese vegetables, shredded chicken, tum chicken, crispy chicken skin and chicken meatball soup bowl. For side dishes, all prepared using spices and ingredients that are full of Balinese spices. Alas stall has a pretty comfortable place to eat, although not too large with adequate parking space.tunjung2
Besides chicken rice mix, it also provides a stall Alas betutu chicken and chicken soup. These stalls also serve the order in the form of rice cone, rice and also rice wrapped box. Every day this shop began serving buyers from 6 am until 9 pm. Because this shop since the morning has begun serving a buyer, it would not hurt if you make one of the choices for breakfast in the morning.

For the full info is below this

Warung Nasi Ayam Tunjung Ibu Tompel
Jln. Gatsu, Denpasar Bali
Telephone 0361 9116640
Open at 06.00 am to 21.00 pm

Price Rp. 12.000

7. Mix Rice Satria ( Warung Satria )

Warung Satria This is one stall that sells chicken rice betutu Balinese delights. With the support of a large parking and places to eat are clean and comfortable, we recommend this place for your visit with a tour group or your family.satria3
There are several menus that are offered here as tipat gravy, rice betutu Balinese chicken, rice mix and some other menus Balinese. This shop is apt visit if you traveled to the art market sukawati or Bali Bird Park, because of its location close to the tourist sites, you can enjoy a lunch after the hunt souvenirs in the art market sukawati and after seeing the beauty of Bali Bird Park.

Warung Satria
Jln.WR. Supratman, Tohpati – Denpasar Bali
Telephone 081353313434

Open at 11.00 am to 19.00 pm


8. Satay Lilit Sari Merta ( Warung Sate Lilit Sari Merta )


Merta Sari stall known as “Sate Lilit Moyo Island”, because the idol in this shop satay wrap tuna that tastes delicious and a little bit spicy. Satay Lilit Sari Merta are located on the island of Moyo, Pedungan, Denpasar does not provide a place to eat. So inevitably we have to wrap it up to take home. However the buyers come and go and go to buy satay wrap. With good taste and cheap price there is a problem or not is not an issue for this satay loyal customers.sate lilit1
Sate lilit is commonly used base materials are pulverized fish until tender, then flavored with coconut milk, onion, garlic, lemongrass, lime leaves, and other spices. It was only round shaped elongated on a piece of wood and then burned. In addition they also provide satay wrap serombotan vegetables and spiced tuna. These stalls started to open from 3 pm until the merchandise half finished, around 7 pm.

Warung Sate Lilit Sari Merta
Jln.Pulau Moyo – Denpasar

Open 14:30 pm to 19:00 pm


9th Sanur Village Festival – Morning of the World – August 20-24, 2014

Sanur Village Festival has become a major event in Bali Event Calendar. The main aim of the festival is to attract large number of tourist from various countries. After its huge success last year, the organizers of the event are planning to make this event even better and bigger. These year Sanur village festival promises a lot of water sports activities and adventure. The event is inspired by Marine life which plays a vital role in daily life of Balinese. Sanur Village Festival is highlighted as major tourist attractions of Bali event calendar. So all your beach and water sports lovers out there pack your bags and have a wonderful time at Sanur Village Festival.

For More Info http://www.sanurvillagefestival.com

DREAMFIELDS FESTIVAL ( Electronic Dance Music Festival The Largest in Bali ) GWK CULTURAL PARK SOUTH KUTA


Dreamfields Festival may still be unfamiliar to most of us that exist in Indonesia, especially those of us who may not be fans of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). But, try to look to Europe, where it originated forerunner Dreamfields. Dreamfields first initiated by the two organizers of the event services company that has a big name in Europe, namely Matrixx Events and MBFH. Dreamfields be one example of EDM festival is growing rapidly in the siphon visitors annually. Just imagine, when the initial implementation, Dreamfields visited by 10,000 visitors and counting in the last three years to 25,000 visitors. It was described by Henry representing Matrixx & Splendid Asia at a press conference at Gusto tapas & wine bar, Epiwalk Jakarta on Wednesday, May 28th 2014, Henry was present with Alex and Krishna Radhitya Tian, CEO of BlackRock Entertainment, local promoters designated Matrixx with Splendid Asian in Dreamfields Festival held in Bali, Indonesia.

Dreamfields Festival in Bali took place in Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) and will take place on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from starting at 6:00 pm until 4:00 am the next keesokaan. So, what distinguishes Dreamfields Festival with other EDM festival? The uniqueness of the concept of course. Because not merely present or the electronic dance music DJ whose quality no longer in doubt, but also the experience of other stuff tastes overall organizers presented, ranging from the atmosphere of the place festivals, stage decoration lighting going to make us chuckle. Leisure visitors and trying to present a different experience for visitors is the main focus of Dreamfields Festival organizers. Beyond the limits of imagination.

In this press conference, organizers also announced some DJ names that will fill the event. Sidney Samson, Ummet Ozcan, Timmy Trumpet, Will Sparks, Mighty Fools, Goldfish & Blink and Indyana only a part of the performers later. Because indeed, the names of the performers will be announced in three phases. The first phase during a press conference, the second phase a month later (including the names of local DJs who will participate) and the last two weeks before the event takes place. Curious is not it?

Organizer provides 12,000 million tickets will be sold. 750 VIP tickets for Rp 1,500,000, – and the rest of the regular ticket for Rp 500.000, -. The ticket prices excluding taxes. Shuttle buses will be provided by the organizers for VIP Guest or Regular Guest to Resort Hotel in GWK area, then with a very close distance between the hotel and the venue, then the Guest will walk in Venue access areas.

Organizers are very concerned about the security and safety of medical Stand Guest by providing staff and security staff scattered in certain places in the venue, as well as Gateaway Access in an emergency. Themes / -beda different atmosphere in each of the respective Stage Venue. Venue Stage itself will be very grand with a large 3D screen as a stage backdrop which will feature 3D visuals artists who are performing.

Promoters are also very concerned about the cleanliness and comfort of Venue environment by working with organizations reduce plastic Indonesia in order to maintain the cleanliness and comfort in the venue and of course with a guaranteed clean toilets.

Especially for VIP Guest (Rp 1,500,000, -) to get VIP access to the Private Deck Bar and Private Servant who will spoil Guest and other special facilities that will ensure comfort Guest. For further inquiries can email to: VIP@dreamfields.co.id
More info: www.dreamfields.co.id
Just look at the video trailer below Dreamfields Festival 2014 Indonesia here.